Hi, I am Victor Baba.

I am a JavaScript Developer living in the future, constantly driven by a desire to explore the latest technologies.

My coding journey began in my 20s, and I've since immersed myself in the world of web development, writing JavaScript code every working day. My recent projects have been centered around a tech stack that embraces TypeScript, React, Apollo, GraphQL, and the elegance of CSS in JS. I'm meticulous about testing, ensuring the quality of my work with Jest and React Testing Library for unit testing, and Cypress for end-to-end testing.

Each day presents an exciting opportunity to approach coding challenges uniquely, extracting customized functionalities to contribute to the open-source community.

Beyond my coding fervor, I dedicate my spare time to my other passion: HiFi audio. I'm an enthusiast who finds joy in the meticulous craftsmanship of high-fidelity sound systems. The pursuit of perfect audio quality has been a fascinating journey, where I appreciate the delicate balance between design, technology, and sound reproduction.

While my coding skills keep me busy during the day, I spend my evenings exploring the world of Industrial Design. I'm fascinated by the process of turning a mere concept into a tangible, functional product. My inquisitive nature leads me to closely examine every object, asking questions like 'Why is it like this?' and 'How can it be improved?' This dual fascination with code and design keeps my mind engaged and continually seeking innovation.