Hi, I am Victor Baba.

I am a web developer, living in the future, always using the latest technologies.

Coding passion found me around my 20s and from there I start to develop web apps writing JavaScript every working day.

On the latest projects, I've been using a tech stack focused around TypeScript, React, Apollo Client, GraphQl, Css in JS; covered by unit tests using Jest with React Testing Library and end to end testing using Cypress.

Every day is an opportunity to tackle coding challenges in a unique way from where I can extract custom functionalities to contribute to the open-source community.

Besides my passion for code, I spend my spare time studying Industrial Design, giving attention to the development process of an object from a fragile idea to the production stage.

I am observing every object around me to understand the process of obtaining the final product and how challenges were tackled making the product more useful, always asking “Why is like this” and "How can it be better".